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I am running for the Office of Justice of the Peace because my heart has always been in serving my community and my interest is in Criminal Justice.  My 13 ½ years in law enforcement, my education in Criminal Justice, a strong consistent work ethic and my life experiences qualify me for this position.  Life Experience is not something you can acquire without living it.  I have the advantage of wisdom gained from my life.   As a law enforcement officer, I learned to apply the law in charging offenders and reading people and situations in an instant.  This skill was developed even further during my time as a correctional officer.  I have been tested and tried and have come through it all with my Integrity intact.  Integrity is what a person does when no one is watching.  But one of my greatest qualities is one that not every person has! 

As one of my heroes, Jimmy Judd always said….”You can’t teach Common Sense!”   


  • Law Enforcement
  • Department of Corrections
  • Business Owner & Landlord
  • Addiction Recovery Program Volunteer

I have been a business owner for over 30 years.  My wife and I have owned rental properties in Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona.  I owned and operated Holsum Bread Distributing for over 10 years in the Benson/Wilcox area.  I was a City Police Officer in Rexburg, Idaho, a Department of Corrections Officer in Douglas/Tucson, Arizona and ended my Law Enforcement Career at the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department. In each of the 3 Departments I worked for I became a Field Training Officer.  I was first to volunteer for extra details and excelled in marksmanship qualification, sobriety testing in DUI stops, radar application, accident reconstruction and Field Training.  During this time I volunteered for the St. David Fire Department and became the Assistant Fire Chief where I helped write grants and helped to get the inter-government agreement with Benson Fire Department established.  I also received my EMT certification during this time.  However, my law enforcement career was cut short after 2 on-the-job injuries that resulted in a forced Medical Retirement.  With the help of Don Weber of Weber Drilling, I then became trained and certified in Commercial Truck Driving with Hazmat endorsements.  I obtained an out of town job at R & R Trucking in Wyoming and once again became a Company Field Trainer.  I trained CDL drivers in local procedures and processing paperwork correctly to maintain Federal Commercial Drivers Guidelines.  Long distance employment was hard for the family and I returned to Benson and currently work for Shane and Joey Smith at Texas Canyon Rock & Sand.  I am a financial and membership clerk for my Church on Sundays and my wife and I currently also volunteer 2 times each week for The Addiction Recovery Program in the Benson/St. David area. A strong, consistent work ethic has always served me well.  


  • Associates Degree in Criminal Justice - Pima College
  • Law Enforcement - Ricks College

My education has all been directed toward Criminal Justice.  I started out as a 16 yr old in the Ride Along Program in the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office where I discovered my interest in Criminal Justice.  After my Church Mission I continued my studies at Ricks College (BYU Idaho) before I started my career in law enforcement.  I value my education and have continued to take classes after most of my children were raised.  I received an Associates Degree from Pima College in Criminal Justice and even took a couple of semesters of American Sign Language with my daughter Brianna!  I feel education is the one thing in life we cannot get enough of.  Wherever we find ourselves, knowledge is the one thing that can help us move forward and progress. 


  • Married 32 years
  • 5 Children & 5 Grandchildren

I was born in Tucson, Arizona and when I was 6 years old I moved to St. David with my parents – Don & Leslee Nelson.   I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and graduated from St. David High School.   I served an Honorable Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Indiana.  Afterwards I attended Ricks College (BYU Idaho) where I met my wife Anita.  We have been married for over 32 years and have 5 children-  Zachary, Joshua, Brianna, Christopher and Amanda.  We have 5 grandchildren – Taryn, Kyndall, Sophia, Aaron - and the newest addition - Harper of just a few months!  Our 4 oldest children have all moved away from the area but Amanda our youngest is still at home and attends Benson High School.  We recently celebrated our first Family Reunion in June – It was a wonderful experience to get everyone together in one place!  Family is a top priority for me.  The most important lessons I have learned have been through family struggles and hard won achievements.     


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