Elect Layne Nelson

For Justice
of the Peace
Precinct #3

What if I'm a Registered Independent Voter

I've heard a lot of people tell me, "Layne, I'm an independent so I can't vote."  This isn't a fact.  You can be a registered Independent Voter and still request a Party Ticket.  When you step up to the table at your nearest authorized voting center, you just ask them for a  Republican Ticket.  All legal Independent Voters may request a voting ticket no matter how you are registered.

Where Can I Vote?

There is three convenient locations that you can go to vote. 

Benson High School                    Saint David Schools               Peace in the Valley Church

360 S Patagonia                                70 E Patton                               551 South J-Six Road

Benson Arizona 85602               Benson Arizona 85602               Saint David Arizona 85630

Meet me

Here is a list of events that you can come meet and talk with me, ask me questions and get to know who I am.

No upcoming events.

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